No, The Opposite

A co-worker was saying after the unexpected passing of another one of our co-workers that life is too short and not to be petty. I know death effects people in different ways, but the lesson I learn from life’s too short is not to be a better person. On the contrary, every fiber of my being tells me, why are you not going balls out? I shouldn’t be disingenuous and walk on eggshells for people that are assholes, I should be calling them out on their bullshit.

I understand that you can’t say everything that you want to express, but fuck it, if life should be valued, shouldn’t I be able to live it as I see fit? Why should I stifle myself for these horrid swines?

And let me tell you, I’m at my boiling point, so my work peers should brace themselves because there is a good chance that I could see a dismissal in my future for my less then cordial declarations.

A bigger part of me says going down in a blaze of glory would be well worth it.

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