So Much For My Happy Ending

It seems as if everybody around me is having a grand old time.

People are falling into money, getting promotions, just moving right along while I’m stuck in the mud, a rut like no other.

I am trying to figure out why I’m still paying off debts for shitty life choices that were made more than a decade ago.

I work hard, I’m loyal and I basically live like a nun.

Haven’t I paid my dues? I’ve learned my lessons. However, it just seems like I still have to pay penance for sins that were committed a lifetime ago. I don’t even recognize the person that did all that shitty stuff and made all those bad choices. It’s not like I committed any crimes. Shouldn’t I be better off at this juncture?

I feel like a jackass. What is the point of working hard when you don’t see any payoff?

Everybody’s getting theirs, when do I get mine?

It makes me want to kick back into my old school bridge burning days. I may have made more problems, but a t least I din’t have to eat shit.

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