Someone Always Playing Corporation Games

I think I may have finally had it with corporate culture. They preach family and teamwork, but it is all a complete sham. People are out for number one, advancing their careers and regurgitating this family-teamwork malarkey although they do not practice it.

Let’s translate what they really mean when they use these terms.

Family: I will pretend to like you and give a shit until the next better offer comes around and then I’ll be leaving so quickly it will make your head spin. Family means personal advancement by using your current team to push you forward while abandoning them without ever thinking they  have any potential to succeed in other job roles.

Teamwork: You do all the bitch work because it is going to fall on you anyway. Even though you are getting paid substantially less, be part of the time, do all the grunt work and let other people swoop in and receive the accolades. However, never say that you are the one that did everything because that wouldn’t be very team-spirited. Again, only caring about personal advancement.

Corporate is just lovely.

These people are so phony. They don’t believe in anything that they preach. They are a bunch of frauds who care only about lining their pockets.

Perhaps it is my own fault for having loyalty and integrity, maybe if I rid myself of these pesky traits I would be rising up in the ranks.

Corporate has made me compromise my own integrity on certain matters, but that time is over.

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