You Got The Rough Part Right

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I don’t know why I did it, but I sat through that abomination of a movie Rough Night. Look at the tagline, “The hangover would be the least of their problems.” Yuck.

I knew I would most likely hate it going into it, but I failed to realize just how much hatred I would have.

Briefly, it is a movie about women who are throwing their college friend a bachelorette party and things get a little wild. That right there is enough to make any sane person’s blood boil. So while these bad ass women are behaving badly the groom to be and his guy friends are all portrayed as a bunch of sissy dudes.

First things first, an ensemble of women in a movie dubbed as a comedy is a train wreck waiting to happen. There is nothing funny about this equation. Oh wow, they said, “cunt.” We have a laugh riot on our hands.

Second, no guys are as fagged up as the men they showed in this movie. Like, even gay guys aren’t like this. No guy is like this and trust me, in real life dudes are doing some shit for their bachelor parties.

The cast of women was a shit show. When did Scarlett Johansson hit the wall, she looks like Kate McKinnon’s portrayal of Hillary Clinton. Kate McKinnon was doing her annoying Kate McKinnon thing with her eyes like she’s trying to prove at every moment that everything she does is hilarious. Jillian Bell, though fat, was not funny. Ilana Glazer is just hateable with her non-stop pussy power shtick. Zoe Kravitz, whatever, not funny, her mom is way hotter, even now.

Though I must say Demi Moore, though I don’t really find her attractive, God bless her, looks phenomenal.

This movie is everything that makes  women in real life miserable. They watch this drivel and think that this is real. It’s not. The only realistic part was that when you have a group of women friends together that they all really hate each other and annoy one another to death, but will smile in one another’s faces and scream, “I love you sweetie,” with hugs and kisses. A despicable display.

I did not even remotely crack a smile at any point.

I want the part of my soul that this movie killed back. They owe me that much.

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