Somebody told me that a girl I used to to be friends with years ago is married with two daughters. Dear Lord, save us all! It is scary to think that she has bred. The more bone-chilling factor is that she has spawned girls. At least if she had boys they would not turn out to be total menaces.

You see this girl is a total psycho. Now, I know some of you are thinking, you can’t judge her, it’s been more then a decade since you’ve been whit her, maybe she changed. No. I’m telling you right now the level of crazy this cunt was is not fixable. It does not just magically disappear.

So now this unstbae bitch has two daughters thatshe will raise to be carbon copies of her insanity. They will be spoiled, self-indulgent, self-censored, materialistic, vapid terrors.

I don’t normally believe in abortions, but if there was a time for Planned Parenthood this would have been it. I’m not faulting the daughters, they have no choice but to be brainwashed into thinking the way that they are is normal.

The only thing that may save them is the father, but my understanding is that he is a cheater with a hint of being physically abusive, a real catch!

It sounds like a real cluster of dysfunction. I just pray those girls grow up to not be complete psychos, but lets be real, what are the odds of that?

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