The Last Bastion

I rather enjoy Donald Trump and find him to be hilarious, but I have to say the one thing that I dislike about him is that he has caused everybody to suddenly become political. Even my beloved Britney Spears has hopped on this bandwagon, Dear Lord help us all. Not to be awful, but she is barely a high school graduate who has lived in the land of celebrity for the better portion of her life. I love Brit, but I don’t care what she thinks about anything, go sing your pop songs, shave your hair and flash your beat up cooter. This picture really made me think about how ten years ago nobody talked politics except for political pundits and the intelligentsia. That was great, you could actually have fun with other people.

I don’t really ever look through people’s social media profiles, but I decided to  after seeing this picture to see what the common man was posting about. Yup, you guessed it, politics.  Enough already! First of all these people have no original thoughts, they are just regurgitating the same platitudes. However, what stuck out most to me was the majority of these people were super liberal. I suppose this makes sense since I do live in Massachusetts, but I knew these people for years and I never knew that they were like this. I’m a rare gem in this state,as I am very conservative. I’m not saying that I’m a Republican, but I am conservative. I was shocked to realize how many people were liberals.

I suppose the liberal women don’t shock me because most women think emotionally. (Interesting, the very good looking girls I know run conservative.) The part that was shocking was the amount of liberal men. This is so bizarre to me. It seems like a complete disconnect. Not to mention, it is just not a good look on a man. Quite honestly, it makes me look at them in a completely different light, I just assume that they are weak, beta males.

It’s funny because I said years ago that people are getting so wild and out there that the new shocking will be when somebody is very traditional or old-fashioned. I think two girls one cup may have been the icing on the cake. I think this is where we are now. People approach conversations with me with the assumption that I’m some super liberal. I don’t know why they presume this, I’m cute and I’m alpha, duh shit, I’m conservative. When people realize I hold conservative values, they don’t believe it. Just because I’m respectful of other people’s beliefs doesn’t mean that I accept them. I know, can you imagine not agreeing with somebody and still being cordial or even maintaining a great friendship with them instead of trying to ruin their life or cutting of ties?

Maybe 2018 can be the year that we go back to having some old fashioned fun because this politicking is getting stale.

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