In Retrospect

I was re-watching Dirty Dancing the other night. I had not viewed this movie, which I loved at one point, in years.

Well, let me tell you something, Baby, Jennifer Grey’s character was an asshole.

She completely ruined her poor father’s vacation. He had not been on vacation in six years and she totally did not help him relax.

No, she took his money for an illegal abortion and fucked some loser, or as the great character of Robbie Gould put it, she went slumming.

What a self-involved bitch? She only cared about herself. She didn’t care about her family one bit.

Basically, the protagonist turned out to be a me-me-me, whore who besmirched her family’s good name.

Nobody should put Baby in a corner, they should be her in a closet where she can’t open her legs for bums.

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