Delayed Dave

I was volunteering at a Toys for Tots charity event the other day. I stopped for a second to go get one of the other volunteers a coffee. As I was getting the coffee, there was a guy standing there who was one of the organizers of this Toys for Tots.

He started talking to me and it was a really nice conversation and as I walked a way I thought what a sweet boy.

Approximately twenty four hours later, it hit me, that sweet boy was totally hitting on me.

So basically, this marine (Marines organize this charity event), who was a total baby-faced cutie, tall, built,  super Aryan and well-spoken was trying to fuck me and I totally did not get it.

I’m so dumb, I just thought he was being polite. I’m an old lady, this kid was early twenties. I wasn’t even thinking, hey, he’s trying to get his dick wet, God bless him. What a numbskull I am?

Can I please get a rewind button?

I would go back and be like, yes, your fine as fuck, lets do this.

God damn it! That would’ve been a nice holiday present.

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6 thoughts on “Delayed Dave

  1. Anonymous says:

    Charity? Didn’t you do enough of that in your twenties..except you called it sex w sloppy guys!


    • ruthmazo says:

      this is true, I’m still waiting for my dick reparations, which should be paid out to me way before the whole black – slavery nonsense.


  2. Joe says:

    That was me…dont know why it didnt show. Kill yourself heeeb


  3. Joe says:

    Ruin my life?! Lol trust me, if I haven’t ruined it enough already some heeb joke to you wont do it. I am a walking miracle. W the decisions I make on a daily basis!


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