It’s A Disease

I really need to stop it already. My over-eating is taking its toll on me. I feel hungover today from carbs and sugars.

But, it’s not my fault, I mean it is my fault, but to be fair, I have to eat. If people who drink too much can claim disease, then I call the same on my binging. If only I could purge, I’d finally have that just fled Sobibor look I’ve always wanted.

I recently celebrated  a birthday and I ate so many desserts that the next day I was sick to my stomach. A buddy asked me what I ate and I couldn’t tell him because I felt so gross. I said, ” You know when you drink too much and you can’t talk about what you drank, this is the same but with food. Doesn’t that ever happen to you?”

He said, “Yeah, when we got nachos.”

I said, “That’s the only time?”

He said, “No the other time we got nachos. I only really overaet like that when I’m with you.”

This triggered a memory of years ago when a girl friend told me that she never eats as much food as she does as when she’s with me.

Clearly I’m a bad influence and a fat fuck!

I must break this cycle. I look like fat Janet Jackson and feel like fat Jonah Hill.

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