What a Waste

I was looking at these two dudes that were working out and they were super jacked. They legit had not an ounce of fat on them. Their faces weren’t bad either. Everything about this setup should lead to perfection, but unfortunately these two poor individuals had something working against them that they can never fix. No, not that they’re black, but they’re short.

How short were they? Well they were my height. I’m five feet, five and-a-half inches tall. Not bad for a girl, but devastating for a guy. All these kooks try and say that there is no difference between men and women, then why are short guys less physically attractive to women in general? Don’t get huffy with me, this is scientifically proven.

I just don’t know why these two guys were bothering to work so hard on their bodies when they have miniature stature. I get they want to be physically fit, but seriously, unless they find some girls that are less than five feet tall, who is going to be feeling them? I know that they are stronger than me and have muscles, but the fact that I can look them in the eyes without wearing heels, makes me feel like I could stand a chance in a fight with them, their muscles lose all intimidation.

Nobody wants a shrimp with muscles, except at a seafood buffet. (See how Little Ruthy Hackett incorporated shellfish humor into this?)


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