The Only Thing Worse

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There’s some lady who works in my office building and she is a cunt. I don’t know her, but you can just tell.

For the better portion of a year she has refused to even acknowledge my existence. Last week she was forced to interact with me and surprise, surprise, she was a cunt. I mean she was totally polite, but you can just tell the phony energy exerted by her having to be even remotely cordial.

I just assumed that this interaction was it. I would never have to speak with her again. She would just go back and ice me out which I would be perfectly fine with.

Nope, apparently we are new best friends because every time she sees me she does the faux hello. This is far worse than being snubbed. At least with a snub I don’t have to talk, but this is small talk at gunpoint. This is hell!

It’s so strained. Can’t we just go back to the ignoring? It was a simpler time.


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