This Give Me Faith

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There is a guy at work who is in his early twenties. He is always telling me tales of his debauched weekends with his friends.

He spent the majority of his summer weekends on Martha’s Vineyard with his boys that live there all year long.

The coupe de grace was Labor Day Weekend which ended in a bullshit arrest and drunken motorbike hijinks.

I am so happy to hear the younger generation isn’t just about retarded protests over nonsense and pussy ass bitches.

These boys have restored my faith in the young. They are doing what they should be doing, getting lit and fucking bitches.

They should not be politicking and saying their feminists.

These young boys were doing dumb, drunken dude shit and it warmed my heart.

I don’t get the hatred of white boys, I actually have respect for these kids.

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