My Eyes!

I recently viewed some rather unsettling photographs. They have haunted me for days. I can’t get over the exposure to the frightening imagery.

What was it that was so traumatizing? Skeletons from nearly a decade ago.

I saw a bunch of pictures of people that I had not seen in almost a decade.

They were haggard, bald, bloated and all around unappealing in any aesthetic sense. (Not that some of them were all that great ten years ago.)

Their spouses and significant others were also rough around the edges, to put it mildly. (Not to mention a lot of unwed mothers, which is just unsettling.)

Their children, well, I’m not going to speak ill of kids, but lets just say they inherited the wrong dominant genes.

This is precisely why I don’t like pictures of myself, don;t take them and don’t let others take them, at least not for the last seven years. I think the last known photograph of me is from a wedding I attended in 2010.

Though I know I could stand to lose a cool twenty pounds, I am aware that I don’t look as used up and poorly aged as these sad specimen.

These people should probably not be revealing any photographic evidence of their existence.

At the very least, use a filter people!


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