Call It What It Is

This atrocious hairstyle should never have been a thing to begin with, but the fact that idiots are still walking around with it as if they don’t look utterly ridiculous is just too much.

The repugnant coif which I’m referencing is the man bun.

Lets start with the fact that it isn’t a man bun, it is a bun, because a man would not have a bun to begin with, unless they are a Sumo wrestler. (Where are the fools that scream cultural appropriation at every turn when you need them?)

These people wearing this rather unfortunate do look like total retards.

Do these people not realize that they will look back at this with same disdain as women who had those over the top teased bangs in the early 1990’s?

You’re doing yourself and those who have to look at you a disservice.

Cut your greasy long hair and get a man’s haircut.

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