I Did Not Care For That

I wasted an entire summer watching Twin Peaks: The Return.

What the heck happened?

The first season of the show was fantastic, the second season was so-so.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, the prequel film to the television show, was pretty darn good as well.

I spent an entire summer watching a retarded version of Special Agent Dale Cooper and no closure to anything.

I get that this is David Lynch so it’s going to be mildly fucked up and you have to think about it, but this was just shit.

The third to last episode gave me hope that this would turnaround, however, the last two episodes were disappointing.

Maybe I’m too dumb or not imaginative enough to understand it, but 10 minutes of Cooper and possibly Laura Palmer driving in a car with no dialogue is a waste of time.

I suppose the entire series is much like how feel about my life, it can’t be real, but it is in fact reality, though there’s now way to prove or negate this claim.

Basically, a total mind-fuck.



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