Horrified on Multiple Levels

Apparently they are rebooting the 1980’s classic television show Dynasty. Not much of a surprise considering everything now is recycled from yesteryear when it comes to television and films.

Not only does this look awful, but it is missing something, it doesn’t have the same feel the original had of actually being wealthy assholes.

I am not over the fact that Blake is played by Grant Show. He was like the heartthrob when I was a pre-teen, the bad boy on Melrose Place. How is it possible that he is cast as old man Carrington?

I don’t like that they made Crystal a bitch, that’s Alexis’ thing, which, by the way, where is she?

And to make Sammy Jo a gay man is just shameful, that was Heather Locklear! Hot, young, pre-Tommy Lee Heather Locklear.

This entire thing is a travesty!

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