Set Up For Failure

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A guy I know bought his seven year old daughter a face painting kit. No big deal, that makes perfect sense, girls like artsy stuff. He then let his daughter paint his face like a tiger.

Now, she actually did a pretty, pretty, pretty good job for somebody her age. Heck, I couldn’t do as good a job as her, but her artistry is not the point here. I kept my mouth shut when he showed me the pictures because people don’t like when you tell them how to parent, but this guys is doing his daughter a huge disservice.

When he lets her do things like this, you know, paint his face and make him look like an idiot, it enables her to think she can do whatever she wants when it comes to men. She will always think that her dad let her do goofy things like this and that when older and seeking a man she will assume that they will let her do all her nonsensical things as well.

This is not a good thing as when she gets older she will have the privileged mentality. He should be setting her up for the reality. He needs to be like, you can’t paint  my face because I’m a man and an adult.

I feel bad for whoever she ends up with because he is really going to have to check her bullshit when she tries to walk all over him.

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