It’s Not Natural

A girl I know recently had her first child. She was telling me that during her physical she was referred to a specialist. No, she’s not sick or anything, apparently her vagina was completely demolished during the birth giving process.

She told me that she doesn’t feel right and that things shifted down there.

That’s just disgusting.

Everybody tells me how natural pregnancy and child birth are, but what’s natural about a pussy deformity?

I thought it was bad enough that you tear from from to back and have to be sewn together again, but an internal cunt shift seems a tad much.

Vagina is sickening to begin with, the added distortion of placement is just beyond belief.

I gathered that after birth the vagina was much more spacious and vacuous. I had no idea that it would look like a tornado hit it.

No wonder why husbands don’t like to fuck their wives.


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