The Mental Illness is Real

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I hate bitches.

I recently had a conversation with co-workers, both female who started to “discuss” Charlottesville. It wasn’t much of a discussion as they were just regurgitating with the bubbleheads on television have been parroting.

They both hate President Trump, who I not only adore, but also voted for. Of course, if I dare uttered that I voted for him they probably would have been apoplectic.

I stated that I thought he was funny, to which they gasped. Well, he is funny, but the majority of women don’t know what funny is, hence the rise of the Dunham-Schumer terror.

Anyway, this lady said she thought it was going to get worse before it gets better and babbled that President Trump is enabling white supremacists and telling them to go after people. I countered with, “When did he ever say this?” No retort.

Then they stated that he didn’t decry the actions of the Neo-Nazis. To which I stated, “He did and also that of the Antifa. He’s right, nobody should be physically violent. They are both wrong.” Crickets on their end.

Then this one lady ranted about her black friend, I’m sure her only black friend, just so she can say she has a black friend, worries about her teenage son all the time. And we don’t know what it’s like to be black. To which I said, “Everybody worries about their teenage kids.” Nothing back.

My point was that the statues are part of history and taking them down is ridiculous. They countered with the Confederate Flag being used, again a part of history. So basically, these idiots live in America and are against freedoms. It’s a flag, it’s a statue, if you are so easily prompted by it, that’s your problem. I also mentioned the lovely statue of Lenin in Seattle, Washington. Of course, they had no idea it existed. I stated, “If Lenin can stay up and he has nothing to do with our history and did horrible things, then why can’t soldiers of the Confederacy, part of our history, stay put? Either everything goes or it all stays, you can’t pick and choose.” Befuddled looks.

It ended with the lady saying that she’s scared.

I asked, “Scared of what?”

“The President,” she responded.

This is sheer mental illness. Women don’t have the ability to recognize that the news is propaganda, on both sides, and they have to discern what reality is and what is manufactured. This is why women shouldn’t be able to vote, the inability to come up with an original thought is staggering.

Did I mention that I hate bitches?



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