If This Isn’t a Metaphor for My Life

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I was at the beach the other day. There was a boy who was about the age of ten. He was extremely overweight. He was digging a hole in the sand. I was watching him work away while his single mother slept on the beach. I was obsessed with this fat, little boy digging a huge hole.

There were four girls who were about the age of twelve or so. I noticed girls now roam in packs of four, a la Mean Girls. These girls were cute and turned out to be cheerleaders. They were right in front of the boy doing back flips and throwing each other up in the air. It was very impressive.

The boy paid no mind to these cute little girls flipping in front of him. He was preoccupied with his monster hole. He couldn’t care less about these girls.

The boy finished his project and sat in the hole he made for himself and buried himself in it. By this juncture his unaware mother finally noticed him and helped bury him in the sand.

The cute cheerleaders roamed away.

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