My birthday is in precisely four months. I am taking stock of my life and as usual, not finding much to be impressed with.

It’s interesting to me when people don’t believe that I’m boring. Every Monday, the people at work ask me if I did anything over the weekend in true Corporate America fashion. I always respond with no, which is true, unless you find laundry and other chores and errands to be something. They think I’m lying about my dull lifestyle. I’m not, who would make themselves out to be so unexciting? To be fair, even if I did do something, I wouldn’t tell them because It’s not their business to begin with.

I really have to get it together. I am not much of an accomplisher. It seems as if my life is rather featureless.

However, the problem is that I’m not a very motivated person. I don’t have that drive. I prefer to just sort of float.

Example: I wrote a novella. It’s done, just needs some edits, it’s half posted on WattPad, but not published.

I don’t think it’s anything exceptional, but shouldn’t I at this point just finish it up?

It’s hard though because I’d rather eat a ridiculously large bowl of ice cream while watching Turner Classic Movies than actually tie up the loose ends of the novella that I’ve worked on for quite some time.

I’m doing something I never do, giving myself a goal.

I give myself four months to publish it, lets hope TCM isn’t showing anything good in the interim.

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