Too Nice

The problem with really nice weather is that you feel guilty if you’re not optimizing it. I don’t want to be outside. I want to be inside watching movies like I do in the winter months and when I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time. The only time I want to be outside all day is when I’m at work because I’m forced to be inside. During my free time, I don’t want to venture into the sunlight.

What’s there to do outside?

Sure I go for  walks, but that’s like an hour tops, then what?

This being outdoors in the summer all the time propaganda stinks.

I don;t have a pool and even if I did how long can you sit in it?

I don’t live close enough to the beach, but even if I did, who could go there everyday?

The only part of summer I enjoy is the warm temperature and even that stinks because most of the time I’m stuck in that freezer box they call an office building.

I just don’t like feeling obligated to do something just because the weather is dictating that I do so.

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