Do You Not See The Irony?

The other day I was speaking with a woman who is probably twice as big as me. She’s beyond plump to put it politely. Anyway, I said something about the gym and to my shock she knew what a gym was. Okay, back to the point, I mentioned the gym and she said, “You go to the gym?” with a tone of disbelief. Now, I know I’m not Flat Stanley, but the balls on this bitch to question my physical activity.

She’s fat! How dare she have a look like it’s completely unrealistic that I go to the gym? I should be giving her that look. Quite honestly, the only thing she should be saying about he gym is, I need to start going to one.

This is why fat shaming is important to our society. We need to keep it alive. Now we have completely unaware fatsos. There’s nothing more off-putting than a fat person who has a highly inflated sense of self.


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