Is Anybody Else Fed Up?

A guy I know is going on vacation to Colorado for a few days with his son. He’s visiting a buddy who is also married with kids. The buddy’s wife had the nerve to make this statement, “Well, I’m not going to be there on Wednesday night so you’re going to be on your own for dinner, are you going to be okay?” So basically the implication is that two grown adult men would not be capable of figuring out how to prepare a meal and that they would be utterly lost without her there preparing it for them. This is the culmination of almost fifteen years of advertisements depicting males as dumb, goofy and incompetent fools that can’t figure anything out unless a woman helps them.

I can’t believe the brazenness of the wife to make this remark. I told the guy he should’ve responded with, “You know you’re right, we are going to have some trouble, which is why you should probably be there preparing us our dinners like a good wife.” The guy sort of laughed it off, but with a tone that he would never dare speak that way to a woman. Well, maybe he should and maybe more men should. I’m sick of women thinking they are better than men, they are not.

Men are inherently better than women. This is why I know more guys that can cook and do it well, than women. Most of the female I know don’t know how to cook. Quite frankly, they don’t know how to do much.

These commercials are depicting a complete false illusion that men are lost without women. The hard fact remains that the only reason a man needs a woman is for sex. Men can are clever enough to figure out how to cook, clean, grocery shop and whatever other domesticated thing these ads claim they can’t do. Also, they know how to buy car insurance and how to call Triple A. I am sick of women’s lunacy running rampant.

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