How High?

I was looking at a picture of a guy the other day and he was good looking. He was pretty boy good looking. I imagine that he must be just as attractive if not more so in real life because the picture quality was not that great. However, I can’t give my seal of approval until I meat him in person. Why? Well, who the heck knows how tall he is?

If this dude is six feet or taller, he will be dubbed hot. If shorter than six feet, he will be just meh. Height is like a huge make or break for men’s attractiveness. Men know this too. That’s why I laugh when guys will tell me their height and it’s clearly a blatant lie. I’m five feet, five and a half inches tall. If I’m wearing flats and we’re looking each other in the eyes, then, nope, you’re not five foot eight inches. Also, if I’m wearing four inch heals and you’re telling me that your six feet tall and I’m standing taller than you, well, guess what? You’re not six feet tall.

Anyway, lets hope this guys is tall because otherwise what a waste of a face. I remember years ago there was this kid I know who legitimately had a gorgeous face. Unfortunately he was maybe a few inches taller than me, ruined the whole package.

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