Pull Your Own Weight, Though It May Be Difficult Due to Your Meatiness

I detest having to work with a group, but sometimes you are forced into these sort of situations and you have no control over the matter. Although I am a very lazy person in general, I surprisingly have a good work ethic. That is why it drives me insane when I’m doing my job and the job of others. ¬†If I’m doing the job of two I should be compensated appropriately and the other person should be terminated.

The problem here is that I have to go through certain avenues to address the person that is legitimately sitting on their fat ass doing nothing while I’m sweating bullets. It is ridiculous that I can’t just say, “bitch, do your work, we all see you’re not and it is fucking bullshit.” It’s enraging!

This is precisely why communism does not work.

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