Lost Cat: Orange With Green Eyes

I passed by the sign for the missing feline. It had been partially washed away form the thunderstorms from the previous night. It was so oppressively humid. The realization that I would be in this city for another summer was unbearable. It had gone beyond depressing to simply pathetic. The stench of sadness of the downtrodden permeated through the streets. It was no longer thriving here, it had evolved into a wasteland of could’ve been. It was nothing more than memory lanes. It was like a an old woman who was gorgeous in her youth, but had fallen apart with age. Time is the cruelest revenge.

I continued on my way, in much what felt like the procession to my own funeral. This city was sucking the life out of me. I wished that this city had the murder statistic rates of Chicago so that the potential of me be hitting by a stray bullet would be far higher.

Lost Cat: Orange with Green Eyes. Another sign, and the cat’s name is Tiger. Tiger had the nerve to do what I could not, get the fuck out.

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