That’s All She’s Got

The other day a guy said how he noticed that lately he’s seen a bunch of really cute girls with really unattractive guys. He wondered why these good looking girls would be with dudes that are maybe not so easy on the eyes. My answer to him was that most likely all these girls have was looks and probably had nothing else to offer. The guys may not be as attractive, but mostly likely had something else they could bring to the table like money, car, personality.

The majority of women don’t have anything else but their looks. They don’t have original personalities. Their personality is a reflection of the man that they are with. She likes what he likes. Women don’t have interesting opinions on current events. Women are not particularly funny. Women are not easygoing, they are fun killers and misery spreaders.

So yeah, maybe these women are attractive, but somebody has to be able to put up with all the other shit that comes along with her looks. That’s not something every guy is willing to put up with, nor should they.

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