Get A Grip

I know a guy who recently turned forty. He was sort of freaking out at the idea. I don’t particularly understand why. He’s in a pretty good position as far as his occupation goes. This makes him more or less financially sound. I wouldn’t say he is super rich, but he has more than enough to take care of his family. I found it funny that he was in disbelief because from my perspective it was over for him as soon as he got married and had kids.

He got married in his late twenties. As soon as he uttered his till death do us part pledge, that’s when he should’ve freaked out. I mean, it was over. He decided to give it all up to have the picture perfect family, dog included. This is when he stopped living for me and started living for we.

He seems like a guy that wouldn’t cheat either. Well, I would gather he has not cheated yet, but of course, he potentially could. He’s like an old school responsible guy. He takes care of his wife and kids, works hard, and seems to live for his family, which is what he should be doing considering this is the path he chose.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him, his ship has already sailed slightly over a decade ago and aging was just icing on the cake of his bleak existence.

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