I was at the bank the other day as it opened. I was waiting in line to be helped and as I looked around it became very clear, rather quickly that I was the only native born, English speaking person in the building. Yes, this includes the banking staff. I have never been to a Spanish speaking country, but why go, when I have this great cultural enrichment right in my backyard?

Now I’m sure many people think I’m overreacting. Well, why was all the signage in the bank in Spanish? I had no idea what it said. Maybe I would be interested in the offer, but apparently I’m  not fluent in the proper language. My parents came here from Russia and they learned the English language because nobody bent over backwards to have everything in their native tongue. Maybe they should’ve been studying their Spanish?

People keep spouting how wonderful diversity is, but I saw no diversity in this scenario. I was the only white person. I was the minority. If this is a sample size of diversification then I think they need to redefine the word. Apparently, diversity means a bunch of ethnicities, excluding anybody of European descent, who refuse to assimilate to American cultures. The irony of this is that this all took place in a   Bank of America.

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