Fake News, Real Reaction

The other day at work we were all having lunch together. The conversation turned to where we live and somebody asked if my parents were also born and raised in the same city as me. I told everybody that they were from Russia. The silence was deafening. I mean it was record scratch, stop. Then one guy made some hack joke about that explaining the Trump connection.

I grew up in Cold War 1980’s America. I never liked to tell people that parents were Russian. It really was not a big deal because I got it, the Ruskies were the enemy then. However, there is no substance to back any of these claims against Russia in 2017, but people are buying into this leftist propaganda. When this incident happened I thought this is what it must’ve felt like for Russian Americans at the height of the Cold War.

I’m sick of Russians being the punching bag. Trust me, I know they aren’t all sweet and innocent, but there was no collusion or hacking the election. Stop it already, it’s a psychosis with the Left. The part that is most irritating is that they can talk shit about Russians because they are white. They don’t care that what happened to me made me uncomfortable. I’m sure if I went to H.R., not that I ever would,  they would politely tell me to fuck off.

So thank you shithead pundits that are making anti-Russian propaganda okay. I dare you to do the same with any other group that is actually committing atrocities against America, but you will never name them because their skin tone fouls up were bumble headed narratives.

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