I Don’t Want to Bite My Tongue

I recently found out that an old friend of mine may be dating a woman that is grotesque and I’m not okay with it. I have not really talked to him in a long time, but it is the sort of friendship that if he called me now and needed something I would do what I could for him. Now, some may think I’m overreacting, but I’m totally not. She is repugnant, both inside and out. I would laugh if he was just fucking her, but apparently, they are a legitimate item. Lord, give me strength.

I feel like I need to swoop in like a Mossad agent and rescue him. He’s clearly gone mad and nobody around him is helping him. How are people that associate with him not having an intervention? I mean this union is so appalling that he needs one of those guys from the talk shows that scares bad kids straight to come yell at him.

The whole thing is just gross. I know something stinks here because the guy I know would never in a million years be participating this train wreck of a relationship. I believe that he is not of sound mind and she should be prosecuted for taking advantage of a mentally disabled person.

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