Talk About Being in Purgatory

I know a guy that recently moved to Massachusetts from the middle of the country with his family. This doesn’t really sound all that bad except that included in such a move is the realization that all of your friends are basically gone. Yeah, sure, you can still talk to them, but it is not the same. Proximity does wonders for levels of bonding. If he wants to go do something, he has nobody to really go with him.

He has people that he works with, but that can be a hassle because you can’t fully let loose and be yourself. You have to make sure that you don’t do or say anything that could come back to bite you in the behind. Also, most of the time, in that scenario the conversation turns back to work related matters, which is just annoying. Nobody wants to talk about work when they are no there.

So basically all he has is his wife. Now, I’m not saying that he’s friends with her because that’s an impossibility, but he has no escape from her and at the same time she is the only adult he can confide in and sort of be himself in front of. This sounds like a horrific scenario. Can you imagine having to live like this? This is how spouses get murdered. There’s no way this guy is going to be able to live life like this.

On top of everything else, the town he moved to is sort of snobby so he can’t make friends with the other dads of kids that his children are friendly with. The guys in that town are total snobs. They think they’re Back Bay blue bloods, but the reality is that they are nouveau riche dolts living in gaudy McMansions.

My advice for him is just to get a mistress. It’s the best he’s going to get out of this situation.

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