What If You Just Said It?

I understand that we have unwritten rules in our society so there is some sort of sense of decorum. If we did not abide by these rules we’d be living like in the Wild West or under Sharia. Would it be so bad if you were allowed to throw certain suggestions out there and people just either oblige or politely decline?

For instance, there’s this guy and I think he wants to have sex with me, but I’m not positive and unfortunately under the circumstances I can’t just throw out the question, “Do you want to fuck?” Normally I would, since I’m partly autistic and never understood the flirting build up game, but I can’t here. I’m not even really into the guy, but I’d totally bang him, I just need the go ahead. In an alternate universe, I could just ask him, “So do you want to do this?” There would either be a yes or a no. Either way we could move on with our lives.

Another example, I believe two people are having an affair. I don’t particularly care that they are, I just want the confirmation that I’m correct. Why can’t I ask them? I would not tell anybody else. I just want to know that my people watching is on point. Plus, they would probably ease their guilt by confiding.

If you could just say it, wouldn’t things be easier? Maybe not easier, but definitely far more clear and I’d be getting some dick, maybe.


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