To Be Perfectly Honest

Don’t you wish that there was one day out of the year that you could be brutally honest with people? I mean tell them what you really think, but without any of the repercussions or animosity that would follow. It’s not even out of a place of meanness, it’s more out of a sense of helping the person out. Honest feedback helps people grow.

For instance, there is this one woman who I would really like to let her know that her face looks like a deformed Scream mask.

There is a man that I would like to inquire why he has the lead female singer from Roxette’s hair?

Another woman who I would like to point out, looks like a badger with glasses.

You see I could go on and on here, but I think you get the gist of it. This is all constructive criticism. The fact that I have to bite my tongue on these issues is extremely difficult.

Don’t think I’m not open to this day working both ways. I love honesty. Hit me with it, the more barbaric, the better. I encourage it.

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