This Is What It Feels Like

Not to be gross or anything, but holy smokes are period hormones the worst. I know most women get bitchy, but no not me, I get insanely horny. I don’t want to say that it is the same, but this must be what men feel like all the time and it is awful.

My period hormones make me want to sexually assault. Like the other day, a guy was standing just a little to close to me and I was like, I’m going to rape him in about two minutes if he doesn’t move away. I don’t even find this guy attractive, but I wanted to pin him down and fuck him. The worst part is, is that nobody wants to fuck while you’re bleeding, but that’s the time I’m ready to do my best Vinson Champ impression.

I’ll tell you, if this is really how men feel all the time, I’m surprised there isn’t a higher rate of reported rapes, assaults or claims of misconduct.

Also, to be fair, when men claim that a woman can’t run things because they get their monthly they are absolutely correct. All I think about is dick for three solid days, nothing but dick. So yeah, if I had to decide about a nuke being dropped, it may not be with the clearest of heads.

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