Cause I’m A Blonde Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I’m thinking of going back to blonde, or as the queen that did my hair referred to it as “Heather Locklear” blonde. Trust me, I know, that’s the only time in my life that I’ll be compared to Heather Locklear. I want to go even blonder than that. I want it to be platinum like Cash Money Records style.

The only problem with being blonde is that everybody notices you. Blondes stick out and I like to be low key. Also, maintaining it is a pain in the ass. The thought of sitting in a stylist’s chair for hours listening to her inane babble is debilitating.

However, the blonde would blend better with these out of nowhere grey hairs I’m beginning to develop. Can you imagine? Such a youthful gal as myself with Nana colored tresses, it’s unfathomable!

Or I could just buzz it and get some good wigs, like Maxine Waters or George Will.


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