Feeling Lucky

I like gambling, but I’m not good at it. I never hit. I’m a loser, but I love it. Luckily, I never really understood how to bet on sports which is probably why I’m not living on skid row. I also am not a huge card gambler. I get how to play blackjack, but have never played at the casino. I’m more of a roulette gal. My true love are slots.

I know, it seems crazy, but slots are sheer chance. There’s no skill. It’s wither you’re lucky or you’re not. Several years ago a buddy of mine introduced me to $100 slot machines and boy did I fall hard. They are the best-worst thing ever. There’s nothing like the feeling of losing a thousand dollars in 90 seconds flat.

However, I think my time is due. I think I am ready for a big hit, huge payout coming my way. I’m thinking I sack up and hit the casino with the $200 slots. Imagine if you score on one of those, that’s legit. It’s my time, I know it.


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