To Paraphrase Ronald Reagan

Mr. Trump, build up that wall!

I know you have had a whirlwind of a Presidency thus far, but I am starting to lose faith in you, as are many. Why? Well, most of us that voted Trump did so because of your pledge on immigration, mainly the wall. The biggest applause break you get when giving a speech, till this day, is when you mention the wall.

I am not some political genius, but President Trump, all you have to do to secure not only a second term, but a great legacy, is to construct a border wall.

Stop getting sidetracked by those losers Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and John McCain and their nonsense. You are a winner! You love to win. With this logic, if you want the largest win ever, build the wall immediately.

Anybody who understands the laws knows you don’t need anybody else’s okay to make this wall a reality. This is a matter of National Security. To be quite frank, this is also a matter of not losing your loyal base.

So Mr. Trump, do what you love to do best, build. Build that wall in true Trump fashion, under budget and ahead of schedule.

President Trump, to quote you, “Lets Make America Safe Again.”
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