Why Must I Be Like This?

I was talking with an older woman the other day. She is a sweetheart. Her grandson had just gone to prom so she showed me a few pictures of him. First thought when I saw him was , would fuck. Luckily, I actually filtered myself for once.

What’s wrong with me? The grandson was a sophomore, but in my defense he could’ve easily passed for a senior. Why can’t I just look at the picture and think, gee he’s a cute kid?

It’s problematic, I know.

A few weeks back, a co-worker showed me pictured of his teenage daughters. I was not filtered on this one and uttered, “Holy shit! They’re hot!” They were hot, blondes to boot.

Why can’t I just look at them and say they are lovely young ladies?

I just want to clarify one thing though, I’d definitely fuck the hot daughters too.

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