Over the Hill

Can old bitches realize they are old? Own it, be old, there’s nothing wrong with that,it’s actually quite freeing.

I know a lady who is pushing 50. She recently lost some weight, which is great. She now thinks she’s like a tight twentysomething girl level of hot. Bitch, NO!

You’re old, once a woman is over thirty they are not hot, they look good for their age.That’s fine because that allows you time to focus on developing a personality. Trust me, this lady needs it, she’s rather vulgar and rough around the edges, which speaks volumes coming from me.

All these old women have had their minds poisoned into emulating those trashy old bitches you see on Bravo TV. Instead of trying to look youthful, why don’t you work on expanding your mind? Develop a personality that is actually tolerable. Nobody wants to be around a vapid fifty year old.

Just a reminder, you may have a nice figure on the outside, but that blown out, dried up pussy is still half way to one hundred.

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