Breeze on By

When walking down the hallways of my work I’ve noticed how socially retarded other people are, either that or they are complete autists. People will do whatever they can do avoid eye contact when walking by me. So, since I was raised with manners, I always make a point of saying, “Hi, how ya doing?” Sometimes they awkwardly respond and other times they just keep walking. I know, these are total mental patients. It’s not like we’re in midtown Manhattan and you’d look like a rube being friendly. You’re in a hall, in an office building where we are all employed.

The other day, I was walking down the hall and this lady did everything in her power not to look at me. I know she saw me walking her way. I was going to say hello, but her level of commitment to pretend as if I was invisible was rather impressive. I started laughing as I walked passed her. Here’s the thing, this lady is going to be working with me very shortly, how does she think that’s going to be?

All women are cunts. I’m a cunt, but in a totally different way then the majority of females. I’m a cunt because I’m impatient, uncompromising and blunt. All other women are cunts for no reason other then they are women who are cunts. Completely unreasonable cunty women.

I know that people claim that I can be intimidating, but what do you think I’m going to do you? Beat you up in the hallway like it’s in between classes at some inner-city high school?

I just think this lady is truly a cunt because she’s a fetal alcohol baby faced twat that looks way older than her age. Fair enough, her personality matches her face.

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