You Know It’s Bad

I can’t get over how unattractive people are at my workplace. I feel like it is a statistical impossibility for so many people to be so unattractive. Sure there are a few random really hot girls that I’ve seen, so I do tip my hat in acknowledgment to them. However, not one hot guy. How is that even possible?

This is how dire the situation is, not even the gay guys, and there are quite a few floating around, are good looking. That’s just insanity. No hot gays! I am so perplexed by this. On a complete side note, it must be hell for them, talk about a based on looks culture, which I do applaud.

Anyway, lets get back on track here, I deserve some eye candy at work. I just want to look. Can’t I have a little sunshine added to my dark days of toiling away? I guess that’s why I’m not the boss, I would only hire really good looking people and then eventually have an epic downfall when they all had the balls to bring claims of sexual harassment against me, which I would of course deny, though they would all be very true.

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