It’s Always the Duds

I was speaking with my friend the other day and regaling him with some tale when he posed the question, “Well does he like you?” Of course I responded with, “Well, yeah, of course he does, I’m very personable, everybody likes me.” My friend then followed up with, “No, sexually?” Well, pump the brakes, Dear Lord give me strength, I hope this is not the case.

I then thought about this question and realized that in fact, yes , this person does want to have intercourse with me, but a lot of people do. I’m not saying this in a cocky way, but it’s the fungus effect. If I’m around you long enough I grow on you. Also, people assume that since  I have an air of whaterverness, they think that I’m whorey, which is not a totally incorrect deduction.

Anyway, I was so disappointed because nine out of ten times when this occurs, it is not some gorgeous guy or girl, it is some mediocre looking fool. I mean, the creep, pervert part of me, is like, yeah I could fuck him, but the sane part of me is like, you know it’s going to be the lamest sex. At the very least give me not good looking but with some sort of sense that they would be fun in bed.

I think I’m going to take a pass on this one for now, but never say never.

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