I Don’t Know If It’s More Gross or Pathetic

People in the workplace who flirt make me sick. Lets start with the fact that 98% of the people you work with are probably just completely unfuckable. I mean from an aesthetic point of view. I would say that two percent of the people are good looking. (I’m talking about an office environment, service industry is an entirely different ballgame.) So these disgusting looking people are all being cutesy with one another like they’re these hot, young, delicious things. Is there anything more disturbing than watching hideous people display some sort of sexuality?

Not only is it appalling to have to watch this, but it is also extremely sad. Like most of these people are married and probably really unhappy in their lives so they use this flirting mechanism as some way of feeling like they are still desirable. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not. Nobody wants to fuck you, clearly not even your spouses.

I don’t know why I should be subject to this. The over the top laughter at soccer mom, radio station morning zoo humor makes me cringe. The high fives as a feeble attempt to just have some sort of physical contact. The glances of attempting to be seductive. It’s all enough to make me barf.

I suppose I should be thanking my lucky stars that it is not all gorgeous people. I would be in some serious hot water with Human Resources, but at least it would be worth it.

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