I’m Not Going to Say You’re Not

There’s this fat bitch I know and before you think I’m being unreasonable about her size, I’m not. She is easily pushing 230 pounds. So this fat bitch was talking to me and she kept referring to herself as fat, which she most certainly is. However, she kept having slight pauses after she would say she was fat. I believe she was waiting for me to see, “Oh no, you’re not fat, don’t say that.”

Why should I have to lie? She’s clearly rotund. I’m not going to enable her horrible eating decisions. She’s lucky I didn’t agree with her and say, “You are fat, you should do something about it.” However, I held my tongue, in a bid to be polite. I figured it was rather obvious that she was a fatso, so why rub it in?

She’s that annoying type of really fat. She tries to dress super girly and cute, but talks sports. She thinks she’s like a Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary type. It’s quite stomach churning. She believes she has this great personality, but she’s over the top annoying and fake. I don’t know how much more obvious she can make it that she has no self-esteem.

She tried to take a page of the Schumer-Dunham-West-Third Wave Feminism playbook and play it like she’s okay with herself. Sweetie Pie, we all know you’re not.

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