I know I’m not a dainty girl, but I must give off serious butch vibes. The other day I was in the locker room of the gym. I just finished showering and was in a towel about to change. All of a sudden, a woman totally freaks out. I look up to see what was wrong since we were the only two in that area. There was some large insect on the floor next to her bag.

She was frozen. It would have been simple enough for her to just move her bag and go shower, but no, she just stood there like a doofus. I walked over to the hand towel dispenser, brought a paper towel back and picked up the bug and killed it and threw it in the garbage. She was super grateful that I did it. Here is the question, why did she assume that I would be able to do this? Maybe I could’ve been just as panicked as her.

The lady who was terrified was by no means small. If I could lose twenty pounds, she could easily lose eighty. Do I give off that much of a butch aura? I was standing there practically naked and wet, I can’t imagine I looked very intimidating, powerful or dominant. I guess I’m just a manly woman.

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