Facebook Is Retarded

I barely log into my Facebook, maybe twice a month. I did so the other day to change my profile picture as I try to do this monthly. Upon log in I see this message from Facebook stating that due to “Spam” content my posts have been temporarily suspended from showing up on Newsfeeds. However, there was an option to appeal this suspension.

I couldn’t figure out what “spam” they were referencing and then I realized it was from March and my fun Bracktits competition. Facebook is retarded. Really, tits, of women who have voluntarily showed them and are above the age of consent, that warrants a suspension. These are the same dolts that let live broadcasts of murders, rapes, tortures, well really any crime go aired like, hey no big deal.

The most comedic part is that it’s maybe some breasts to around 200 followers. Oh no, my message has such a wide audience. Get the fuck out of here with this, why am I even on their radar? I’m a nobody.

I laughed at appealing this decree. What’s the point? Facebook is a shit platform. I’m just happy to know a beheading video is cool, but Kate Upton’s tits are problematic.

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