Reeducation Camp

I don’t believe in the genres self-help or mindset. It’s fine if you do, I do not. To me it’s like people who believe in astrology, it is great if it works for you and helps you feel better, but I’m not buying into it. I think mindset stuff is for people who are weak-willed and lost. Which brings me to the point here, I’m being forced to attend a mindset meeting. Well, to be fair, I won’t actually be going.

I was basically commanded to go to this mindset meeting because in the words of the dictator who thrust this upon me, “Those who needith, go-ith.” Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t need it. I am not going to take some seminar on a topic that I think is complete bullshit and magically turnaround my thinking. By the way forcing somebody against their will is definitely not the way for them to change their minds, especially a person like me.

My mindset is perfectly on par for the pay grade that I’m in. If they want to give me the money that the other attendees have as their salaries then I would consider a different mindset. Not to mention, that they do nothing to help promote people in my position. I should change my mindset so I can stay put while people who speak broken English are promoted to run departments?

Then I read the pre-work for this meeting. There is no chance that I’m doing it. I don’t have any accomplishments that I’m proud of. I legitimately go through life and do things because I have to, I’m killing time till I die. The only thing this pre-work does is point out that I’m a failurem which I’m well aware of. I’m in the position that I’m in because of some bad life choices. The other reason I’m in this position is because I won’t compromise my integrity. If I bought into this mindset nonsense then I would be so far up the corporate ladder that the person inflicting this edict of mindset class attendance wouldn’t even know who I am. I would be thumbing my nose at him the way the bigwigs at corporate do to me now.

This person is sorely mistaken to believe I will be anywhere near that classroom. Sounds like my mind is set on this.

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