I hate women. They are the worst and that is why nobody wants to work with them. I hate them so much that I truly believe Bill O’Reilly is guilty for some of those sexual harassment claims, but I’m still on his side. Women in the workplace are the reason for HR  Departments which are nothing more than a drain on companies’ finances. Women ruin everything.

I have not been in a situation like the one I’m about to describe in well over a decade, mainly because I avoid bitches at every turn, but now I’m forced to be around them so I have no choice. Why my disdain? Well, I made a mild, no big deal comment to a co-worker and then she decided to take it upon herself to go to her boss and basically twist my words saying that I was “unappreciative.” Then her boss went to two other women that work in the office with this information. These two then went to another woman with it. This last woman told me what was said, as she is the only honest one. I thanked her for this information.

What was the point in this dumb bitch opening her mouth in the first place? It takes a great deal of balls on her part considering the hours I’ve listed to her talk mad, horrible shit about her boss. I’m sure her boss would love to hear these rants. This just shows how despicable women are. They take a nothing comment and have to turn it into some mass hysteria, right ever man at Fox News and in any workplace in America?

I hate bitches.

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